Screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an integrated editor.

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ScreenToGif recorder screenshot
This is the screen recorder with a draggable window, anything inside that rectangle will be recorded.
Editor screenshot
This is the editor, where you can edit your recordings and export it to gif or video.
Examples and More Screenshots

Why use ScreenToGif?


A portable, single executable and very small-sized application, only ~670KB! (compressed).


Free and open source application, without any ads!


3 ways of recording your content: Screen, Webcam and Sketchboard.


A powerful editor with lots of options! You can edit your recording or even edit gifs from other sources.

Save as

You can export as Gif, Video or save as a project to edit later.


A clean and consistent interface, powered by WPF.


Over 18 different languages. Automatically detects the language of your system, defaults to English.


Lots of options. You can even change the colors of the recorder. :)

Active development

Active development, integrated with users needs. Feedback is very welcome!

Editor screenshot showing tabs
The editor has a lot of features! You can crop, resize, add watermarks and texts, set transitions and much more.
Editor screenshot showing tabs
There's also a lot of options.



Windows 7 SP1 or later

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