Here's how you can help the project grow

How can I help ScreenToGif?


...Sharing with your friends/colleagues or creating a review.


...And if you like, donations are also welcome :)

Why help ScreenToGif?

It's a free and open-source app. No ads, nothing shady or obscure. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask or browse the source code.

Speaking of donations, they are the only source of income of ScreenToGif. If you would like to support this project then please consider donating.

There's 3 ways to donate, via Patreon, Paypal, or Steam (it's possible to donate games or credits).

How can I donate?


Patreon subscription.

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Steam wishlist. You can send games as gifts :)

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Ko-fi donation.

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GOG Galaxy

GOG wishlist. You can send games as gifts :)

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Name Website Total donation amount From
Bluepoint Games 1000 USD Paypal
Eirik 150 USD Paypal
WHSR 50 USD Paypal 50 USD Paypal
Nanch 50 USD Patreon
Is It Keto 40 USD Paypal
campusMVP 30 USD Paypal
TTVPS 200 HKD Paypal
Art Trenton 25 USD Paypal
Naruto Story 80 PLN Paypal
Daniel 20 USD Paypal
Justin Ballen 15 USD Paypal
Gerhard Wonner 10 EUR Paypal
sqlitybi 40 PLN Paypal
niBBa 2 USD Paypal

Would you like to have your name listed here after a donation? Don't forget to tell me.